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Heart Monitoring

Keystone Cardiovascular Center

Board Certified in Cardiovascular Disease in Bergen County, Maywood, NJ

Cardiologist located in Bergen County, Maywood, NJ

Dr. Demetrios Panagiotou in Maywood, NJ offers several heart monitoring services at Keystone Cardiology. These include Holter, event, and mobile cardiac telemetry. Heart monitoring is a way to evaluate and diagnose a heart condition. If you are concerned with cardiovascular disease, chest pain, murmurs, stress, or arrhythmia you may benefit from the use of a heart monitor. Dr. Demetrios provides services to residents of Bergen County, including Maywood, Hackensack, Westwood, Ridgewood, Edgewater, and Paramus, NJ.

Heart Monitoring Q & A

What is a Holter Heart Monitor and Why is It Used?

A Holter heart monitor is a portable device that measures your heart’s activity on a continuous manner. It is operated via batteries and is the size of a small camera. To use a Holter heart monitor electrodes are attached to your skin. These electrode patches are connected to wires that transfer data about your heart activity to the heart monitor. It is typically used for 24 to 48 hours for heart monitoring. This monitor is commonly used on patients who may have reoccurring cardiac symptoms or abnormal heart rhythms. It gives Dr. Panagiotou of Keystone Cardiology information needed to better diagnose your chest pain or heart condition.

How is a Cardiac Event Monitor Used by My Cardiologist?

Your cardiologist in Maywood, NJ uses a cardiac event monitor to get information about your heart’s electrical activity. This data is recorded and transmitted directly to Dr. Panagiotou. This allows your cardiologist to get the most expedient look at your heart’s rhythm. It is worn similar to that of a Holter heart monitor using battery power and electrodes. Your doctor may choose the loop memory monitor or the symptom event monitor depending on your healthcare needs.

What is Mobile Cardiac Telemetry and it's Benefits?

A mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT) heart monitor is the latest in monitoring technology. This monitor is small and portable like Holter and event monitors. However, the difference with MCT monitors is that when there is a triggering event, such as abnormal heart rhythm, this data is automatically sent to Dr. Panagiotou’s office. It operates via a wireless internet signal, making diagnosis and treatment for your heart condition happen faster than ever before. Furthermore, the mobile cardiac telemetry system can monitor your heart’s activity for up to 30 days.

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