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For individuals who are at risk for heart conditions, such as a heart attack or coronary artery disease, stress testing is highly recommended. Dr. Demetrios Panagiotou offers stress tests in Maywood, NJ at Keystone Cardiology. He can use this test along with other forms of preventive cardiology to better protect your heart health. Moreover, he welcomes second opinion visits to review previous stress test results done at other facilities. Dr. Demetrios provides services to residents of Bergen County, including Maywood, Hackensack, Westwood, Edgewater, Ridgewood, and Paramus, NJ.

Stress Testing Q & A

by Demetrios Panagiotou, MD, FACC

What is involved with Stress Testing at Keystone Cardiology?

Stress testing at Keystone Cardiology is a test that detects heart disease. When you get a stress test by Dr. Panagiotou he will learn how much stress that your heart can handle. This is commonly used for patients who may have abnormal heart rhythm or blood flow. The most common type of stress test is done as an exercise stress test, also known as a treadmill test. Your blood pressure, heart rate, and electrocardiogram is measured during the test involving a treadmill or stationary bike. You will need to prepare for a stress test by not drinking caffeinated beverages or taking certain medications prior to the test. Dr. Panagiotou will provide you with these details before you take the stress test.

What is the Difference Between Coronary Heart Disease and a Heart Attack?

Coronary heart disease is a chronic condition that can’t be cured. It involves disease or damage to your coronary artery. This damage involves fat deposits, also called plaque, that builds up in the artery and restricts blood flow. While it’s an incurable disease it can be treated with lifestyle changes, medication, and surgery. A heart attack, on the other hand, is a sudden blockage in the coronary artery. When this happens, blood flow stops and your heart loses oxygen. This leads to death of the heart tissue if you do not get medical help immediately. Treatment for a heart attack can save your life. A heart attack is one of the traumas associated with coronary heart disease if left untreated. Therefore it is imperative to get treatment for your coronary heart condition so you don’t suffer from a heart attack.

How Does Dr. Panagiotou Provide Preventive Cardiology?

As your cardiologist in Maywood, NJ Dr. Panagiotou provides preventive care for heart patients. This care involves regular stress testing, diagnosis of heart conditions, and treatment as needed. By getting preventive cardiology for your health needs you can improve your quality of life and avoid cardiac related problems.

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