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Myths About Weight Loss Drugs

Weight loss medications

Like all other drugs, weight loss medications also lose their efficacy after 6 to 12 months. In the start, you will see a drastic change in your body. You will lose about 5 to 15% of your body fat in the first few weeks. After that, you will lose weight at a slower rate. The moment you see no change in your weight for at least a week, you should stop taking the medication. Continuing to do so will only increase your weight.

Once the medication stops working, the best way to keep off the weight you have lost is to eat a balanced diet and exercise. This is a fact! Now, coming to the myths… there are plenty! One of the biggest is that these medications work their magic without any assistance. The truth is you need to maintain a proper diet and be active to speed up the weight loss.

Cardiologists such as Dr. Panagiotou strongly advocate the use of weight loss medications for those people who have trouble reaching their ideal weight goal due to medical problems.

Busting Weight Loss Medication Myths

If you are one of those people who “heard” that weight loss medications are not good for your health then you need a reality check. Keep reading because we are busting some myths regarding weight loss medications that are stopping you from taking them:

Myth #1

Over-the-Counter Weight Loss Medications Are Safe

No! Up until now, the only FDA-approved over-the-counter weight loss drug is Orlistat (Alli). The reason why you are cursing your weight loss medications is because you are taking the wrong ones.

Myth #2

Natural Weight Loss Medications Don’t Have Any Side Effects

Answer this ― if an FDA-approved drug lists down its minor and major side effects then how can you expect a herbal supplement to have none? EVERY drug has some kind of side effects, may it be made of herbal ingredients or chemicals.

Myth #3

Weight Loss Medications Cannot Be Taken Without a Prescription

False! You can totally buy weight loss medications from any pharmacy. The only reason it is recommended that you consult with a doctor before doing so is because it’s important to know that you fall in the right BMI category. If your BMI is higher than 30 then you can buy the medications on your own.

Myth #4

Weight Loss Medications Are Addictive

FDA has yet to report any addiction side effects of weight loss medications. However, we suggest that you follow the recommended dosage written on the packaging.

So, did these weight loss medication myths burst the bubble you have been living in? You have been worrying over nothing and now that you know the truth, you can start your weight loss journey.

Meet with Dr. Panagiotou in Bergen County, New Jersey to talk about weight loss medications and how you can start using them. After doing a full workup of your body, he will offer you a plan and the right medications based on your health.

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